Military Working Dog reunites with former handler

The two were stationed together in South Korea. It's been about a year since they last saw one another. (CBS2 Staff Photo)

On Tuesday Technical Sgt Dustin Cain, who is currently stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base, was reunited with his former military working dog Bakk.

The two were stationed together in South Korea. It's been about a year since they last saw one another.

Cain says MWD's put their lives on the line just like every other U.S. military member. Now that Bakk is retired Cain says it's time for him officially to join the family.

"I'm very excited and very happy. I've been waiting a year and same lovely face that I remember a little bit more gray but that's okay," TSgt Cain said.

Bakk not only reunited with his old pal. He also met his new family for the very first time.

"Very exciting to see him prance through like he was the king basically," Stephanie Cain said. "The moment him and Dustin reunited it was wonderful to see it brought a lot of joy and actually some tears."

Bakk and Cain were stationed together in South Korea from January 2017 to January 2018.

"We spent the entire year training together working together working the roads 12 hour shifts and we just built a special bond over that year," TSgt Cain said.

As a handler Cain worked with other dogs but Bakk was special.

"I'd have my full gear on and I'm like you know what let's go for a run, Some dogs will not allow you to pick them up and put them on your shoulders but i think he enjoyed having a taxi service so i just put him on my shoulders and i was just jogging away and he absolutely loved it."

He says he immediately knew they were meant to be a team. But every two years handlers have to swap dogs so he had to say goodbye.

Then Bakk was injured and became medically retired and Cain knew he might be able to adopt him.

"I thought that I was gonna be able to sneak him home in like a week or two obviously that's not the process," TSgt Cain said. "This whole year I've just been anxious and waiting for his return."

That wait came to an end Tuesday morning thanks to American Humane.

"They told me Bakk would be transported to the states at no cost to me which again is amazing," TSgt Cain said. "He's been in veterinary care the entire time so i know that he's been well looked after."

He says he's thankful they reached out and helped bring another veteran home.

"Spent seven years over there just doing the job so now that he actually gets to come home and just be a couch dog pretty much." TSgt Cain said.

Bakk holds a special place in Cain's heart. He was the last dog he handled before he got a promotion. Now Bakk gets to meet the rest of his family including another retired military working dog named Ivan.

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