Meridian teen achieves perfect ACT score, pursues STEM at MIT

Noah Pauls, an Ambrose School senior, scored a perfect 36 on the ACT and will be attending MIT in the fall. (Photo Courtesy: Noah Pauls)

Noah Pauls is a senior at the Ambrose School in Meridian. Thanks to an early introduction in computer science, he's going to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

"I had a teacher in seventh grade who introduced me to it," Pauls said. "I immediately fell in love. MIT seems to be the place to take that if you want to go really far with Computer Science."

MIT's acceptance rate is just below eight percent. In order to get in, Noah would have to score well on the ACT.

His first time taking the test, he scored a 31. Placing him in the 97th percentile nationally, according to college testing websites. Still, Noah thought he could do better.

"From there I was just repeating the test over again, because there's no way that you can succeed at those tests unless you try them again and again," he said. "It's just making sure you make as few stupid mistakes as possible."

After three tries, Noah got a perfect score of 36 and his dreams of attending MIT were getting closer to becoming a reality.

His resilience landed him a spot at one of the top tech schools in the nation, but he gives credit to his STEM background.

"If I hadn't had that introduction in 7th grade then I probably wouldn't be here now."

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