Meridian arrest made after man says driver punched him 20 times in attack

Photo courtesy Ada County Sheriff

A Meridian man says he was attacked and punched about 20 times in the head during a road rage incident on Tuesday.

Once the suspect's face was put on social media, Meridian Police started receiving leads and the suspect quickly turned himself in to his probation and parole officer and Meridian Police.

Meridian Police identified the man as 36-year-old Walter Gage Anderson of Meridian. He was booked on the charge of misdemeanor Battery from yesterday’s incident and on a felony Agents Warrant from Idaho State Probation and Parole.

Len Anderson says he was driving home when he passed a white Hyundai that was taking a left off E. Presidential Drive near the Goodwood restaurant on Eagle Road. Anderson says the driver followed him home and yelled out the window "this guy thinks (he's) cool zipping down the road cutting off people with his dare you drive like that when we have a baby in our car!"

Anderson says he went to his mailbox to pick up his mail when the driver got out of the vehicle and started getting video of his Tesla. It was then, Anderson says, when the driver got inches from his face. Anderson yelled at the driver to back off, and pushed him away, knocking the driver's phone out of his hand in the process.

Anderson says he went walking back toward his house and the driver punched him in the head and face area -- knocking him to the ground. He estimates the driver punched him at least 20 times while he was lying in a fetal position. He says he remembers hearing a woman from the Hyundai yelling at him to get back in the vehicle.

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