A new mobile trend is skipping the doctor's office to get medical care at home

A doctor has created a practice to give medical care to patients without having to leave home. (KBOI Photo)

Nurse Practitioner Brad Bigford has been practicing medicine for over 14 years and, as of May, he runs his own clinic. A clinic where he makes house calls for people feeling under the weather.

"It was kind of funny. It was based on a Facebook post that I put up,” Bigford explained. “I was cleaning out my brother-in-law's ears and I put up this post saying 'hey, I think I'm going to start a clinic where I go around and clean people's ears..' and the post blew up. It was crazy."

From the post, grew the Table Rock Mobile Medicine company.

"I see a lot of same-day appointments,” Bigford said. “Usually it's, “hey, I've got a sore throat. Can you get me in, today?’ or ‘hey, I just cut my finger. Can you come suture me up?’"

Bigford says the business has been a big hit for Moms who don't want to worry about dragging their kids or husbands to the doctor's office. He also sees a lot of patients who have limited schedules due to work.

"I've seen the recommendations in the newspaper and through Facebook, so I thought I'd give it a try,” said Adam Ewart, a patient. “I think this is a great benefit for elderly people and for people who can't get away. "

When it comes to checking out, Bigford says the cost comes out the same.

"I bill the same way as if someone where to go into an urgent care," Bigford explained.

"So if I have a $10 co-pay on my whatever (insurance) then that's all I pay you?" KBOI 2’s Morgan Wagner asked.

"Right, exactly. I don't charge extra, there's no mileage fee."

Bigford says most insurance companies, like Blue Cross, work with his practice but there are a few that don't.

He also works with those without insurance. For those patients, he says if they pay at the visit he will take 50% off from what he would normally charge insurance companies.

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