IRC continues to help support mass stabbing victims: 'Thank you again Boise'

The International Rescue Committee in Boise is continuing to help and support those affected by the mass stabbing incident that took place in June.

The International Rescue Committee in Boise is continuing to help and support those affected by the mass stabbing incident that took place at the end of June.

While recently a specialist from Texas traveled to Idaho to help to support the IRC and victims in the recovery process, more work is still being done.

The IRC is meeting at length with an insurance company to find coverage options. "We've communicated with the medical service partner to get everything done on the care side to try to qualify the family for coverage on the items that are currently uncertain," the IRC said in a Facebook post.

More meetings have taken place with medical professionals regarding a patient's care needs and to look into likelihood of qualifying for disability benefits due to extent of injuries.

In addition, Boise Police Department and Boise Valley Kenpo Karate are teaming up to provide free self defense classes for the Wylie tenants. The class will include information on lawfulness of using force and personal safety planning. IRC plans to set the venue, marketing material and interpreters while Boise Police and Kenpo will teach. Instructional terms were provided ahead of time to be translated to languages most commonly used by tenants.

A volunteer with the IRC also took a family to McCall for a break from the experience. They "took the time to orient the family to the rules of the community, the beach and determine their privacy preferences for meeting McCall neighbors and friends," the IRC said.

Support is also still going to the family of Ruya Kadir. The IRC says they are meeting with a memorial monument maker and are working through design preferences. They procured goats for an upcoming traditional wake.

A local Arabic-speaking staff member is working with impacted families and the apartment manager and has completed administrative and logistical tasks to keep each stream of Wylie work moving forward. He is also interpreting for the support group.

IRC's Immigration Team says they completed more visa applications for family members of impacted families living abroad to come and provide support.

The Agency for New Americans are organizing child care support for families with those needs.

The Glocal Community Partners has been working with one family included extended family by advising and helping them through decision making.

Lastly, the IRC says they have processed all the requests for payments for day to day bills received from impacted families.

"Thank you again Boise. We couldn't do all of this without you," the IRC said.

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