Lovable pup needs home...and the Treasure Valley responds

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Magnum means the world to Brent Witten. To lose him after all he has been through the past few months, would be devastating.

In December, Brent was at a restaurant and collapsed. He spent weeks in ICU and was on life support.

Brent's daughter, Laura Witten, is watching Magnum now, but with her father in rehab, her mother's recent death, and several kids of her own, she just doesn't feel she can give him the home he deserves.

"He (Magnum) can sense when you are down," Laura said. "He will come up to me when I am having a rough day and he will nudge me and try to cheer me up, almost like he is saying 'I am here.'"

Doctors think it will take about eight months for Brent to regain his mobility. Until then, Magnum needs a foster home.

Doctors don't know if it was a seizure or a stroke, but the fall left him a temporary quadriplegic. His ex-wife agreed to watch Magnum while Brent went through rehab, but she died of cancer last month.

Now there is no one who can care for Magnum, but Brent would be heartbroken if he had to send him to the pound. So, he is sending out a cry for help.

"I am looking for someone to take care of him until I can get back on my feet. He does have to be an indoor/outdoor dog because that is what he is accustomed to. It there are children, that is awesome because he loves kids," Brent said.

Well, the community responded. Dozens of people have called the newsroom wanting to adopt Magnum. We relayed the calls to Laura who says she have been overwhelmed with the generosity shown by people in the Treasure Valley. People have even called from as far away as Washington and Canada wanting to adopt the dog.

Laura and Brent are now in the process of interviewing everyone who called who lives nearby to find the right match for Magnum. Laura has interviewed six families so far and will be taking with more throughout the week.

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