Boise woman targeted by phone scam: 'I want to get this story out'


Loretta Reed believed she was careful when answering calls from strange numbers. But last week she got a call from someone claiming to be her grandson, Evan, and she fell for it.

"As I go back and think about it I said, oh Evan what is wrong, and then out came this story"

He told her he was sick and asked a friend to drive him to get medicine when they got stopped by police and drugs were found in the car. A so-called Sergeant Clark from the Nampa Police Department said she needed $4,000 to bail him out.

"I followed this so-called Sergeant Clark’s instructions to go to my bank, withdraw $4,000 and go to Target and buy eight $500 gift cards."

Loretta wrote everything down. She even asked for the sergeant's badge number. Later, she confirmed the badge number was fake. Family members noticed the money was withdrawn from her savings and realized she had been scammed.

"I just keep telling myself it was hard life lesson to learn."

Loretta assumes the caller found out she had grandson from her Facebook page. She tried calling Target to reverse the payments but they told her gift cards usually get cashed within an hour and it was too late.

"So I’m out $4,000 and I want to get this story out so that no other person is taken in like that."

Anyone can be a target. All it takes is a little research by the con artist. The Better Business Bureau suggests doing your own verification by asking a lot of questions specific to the relationship.

For more information, you can head to under the scams tab.

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