LIV District creating first sustainable community in Boise

The LIV District is the first of its kind in our state, a neighborhood completely focused on sustainability.

The LIV District is the first of its kind in our state, a neighborhood completely focused on sustainability.

Colin Hickman with Boise Public Works says "I think it starts with Boise, making it the most livable city in the country."

So what is the LIV District?

It's short for lasting environments, innovative enterprises, and vibrant communities.

Hickman says,"It's kind of taking a look at that environmental, economic and social impacts, it's how we look at sustainability and livability throughout the city."

Nestled in the Central Addition, this district encompasses Capitol Street to Broadway and in between Myrtle and Front Streets.

Hickman says Boise's LIV District is paving a new way for sustainability in our region.

He says, "Across the city a number of things have been happening with composting with the cities largest direct use geothermal in the entire country. So we said we have a lot to build on here so lets start in the central addition start with the first LIV District her,e and then in the future see if we can replicate that across the city."

Some of those hallmarks of sustainability are already built into the LIV District.

From LED streetlights, to geothermal energy hookups, to widened walkways...making it easier for people to get around, whether walking or biking.

That's not all, this district is also creating sustainability from the ground up.

"These permiable pavers have as you can see spaces or gaps between them that help rainwater filter through the soil, the ground and utlimately you end up with a cleaner Boise river." Hickman says.

He also says that wile the city is a partner in the district, it is up to the stakeholders, businesses and residents within the LIV District to decide what this community will look like moving forward.

"That can mean a number of things going forward. that could mean all the partners challenge one another to use less energy, use resources more responsibly, come up with creative solutions for transportation.

You can help celebrate Boise's first LIV District tomorrow October 12th from 4-7 p.m. at 521 West Broad Street here in Boise.

Mayor Bieter will be speaking at the event and you have the chance to explore the neighborhood and learn more about renewable and green energy.

There will also be music, food and fun. All are welcome to the event.

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