Little acts of kindness found on Redbox in Star: 'It makes the world not seem so cold'

Packages complete with dollar bills, popcorn and a note were found taped to a Redbox on State Street and Star Road in Star Wednesday night. (Photo courtesy Nicole Collard)

When Mike Collard went to get a movie at a Redbox in Star Wednesday night, he came across something much more than a movie vendor.

He found an act of kindness... many of them, taped to the machine.

Dollar bills, popcorn, and a note that read, "this is a random act of kindness, we hope you enjoy popcorn with your movie," was taped for anyone to take.

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The packages were found at the Maverick on the corner of State Street and Star Road in Star.

The employees of the store were unaware of anyone leaving the gifts on the Redbox.

"These little packages were well-made. You can tell someone put a lot of time, effort, and love into this," said Mike's wife Nicole Collard. "It truly was a random act of kindness with no one expecting to receive credit for it."

Nicole says the little packages brightened her day in a time after the elections may have caused some people a little bit of stress. "It was truly wonderful to stumble across and I think it really does help brighten up people’s day and make the world seem not so cold."

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