List of per diem paid to lawmakers in different states

    How states compare on taxpayer-funded reimbursements for lawmakers' lodging and food away from home — a payment typically provided on top of lawmakers' annual salaries.

    Alabama: $11.25 for half-day; $30 for full day if no overnight stay; $75 if overnight stay; no per diem for members who live within 50 miles of Capitol

    Alaska: $223 or $249 a day, depending on time of year; members in Capitol area get 75 percent of federal rate

    Arizona: $35 a day for first 120 days after session begins, $10 a day thereafter

    Arkansas: $150 a day for Little Rock meetings, $160 a day for Hot Springs meetings, $140 a day for meetings in other locations. If a member lives within 50 miles of any location, they are not eligible to collect lodging, bringing their total day payments to $59 in Little Rock and Hot Springs and $51 elsewhere

    California: $176 a legislative day

    Colorado: $99 a day, $45 a day if within 50 miles of Capitol

    Connecticut: No per diem

    Delaware: No per diem

    Florida: $152 a day in Tallahassee

    Georgia: $173 a day

    Hawaii: $175 a day for lawmakers not representing Oahu

    Idaho: $129 a day if second residence established in Boise, up to $74 a day if not

    Illinois: $111 a legislative day

    Indiana: $161 a day

    Iowa: $160 a day, $120 a day for Polk County members

    Kansas: $140 a day

    Kentucky: $154 a day

    Louisiana: $157 a day

    Maine: Up to $70 a day

    Maryland: $166 a day; if absent, $121 a day for lodging only

    Massachusetts: $10-$100 a day depending on distance from Capitol

    Michigan: $10,800 a year for travel, lodging, meals and other expenses

    Minnesota: $86 a day for senators, $66 a day for representatives

    Mississippi: $140 a legislative day, $40 a day for committee hearings when Legislature is out of session

    Missouri: $112 a day

    Montana: $112.85 a day

    Nebraska: $140 a day, $51 a day if within 50 miles of Capitol

    Nevada: $140 a day, $51 a day if within 50 miles of Capitol

    New Hampshire: No per diem

    New Jersey: No per diem

    New Mexico: $163 a day

    New York: $174 a day if overnight stay, $59 a day if no overnight stay

    North Carolina: $104 a day

    North Dakota: Up to $1,682 a month

    Ohio: No per diem

    Oklahoma: $157 a day for lawmakers who live more than 50 miles from the Capitol

    Oregon: $140 a day

    Pennsylvania: $185 a day, $57 a day or the cost of actual expenses if within 50 miles of Capitol

    Rhode Island: No per diem

    South Carolina: $192 a legislative day plus $1,000 a month to travel on legislative business in-district

    South Dakota: $140 a legislative day

    Tennessee: $204 a legislative day, $59 if within 50 miles of Capitol

    Texas: $190 a legislative day

    Utah: Up to $141 a day plus tax on lodging

    Vermont: $115 a day if overnight stay, $74 a day if no overnight stay

    Virginia: $185 a day

    Washington: $120 a day

    West Virginia: $131 a day

    Wisconsin: Up to $88 a day for senators, $44 a day if no overnight stay and for Dane County senators; up to $138 a day for Assembly members, $69 a day if no overnight stay; Assembly members limited to 80 days of per diem each year

    Wyoming: $109 a day


    Source: A survey by The Associated Press in more than 30 states and information from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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