Legislature's first week comes with a price

The Idaho Legislature wrapped up the first week of the 2018 session Friday. (KBOI Photo)

The Idaho Legislature wrapped up its first week of the 2018 session Friday.

And while not a lot happened, a pretty good chunk of change was spent.

When the legislature convenes a session, it's day-to-day operating costs are not cheap.

The Legislative Services Office crunched the numbers for me and said it costs taxpayers about $22,000 each day lawmakers are in session.

But that figure does not include lawmakers salaries.

And it does not include fulltime legislative staff salaries or money spent on lawmakers for weekend travel home.

Factor that in and the Legislative Services Office says $36,000 a day is a reasonable figure for each day the legislature in session.

And it certainly adds up, especially when you think about the longest session in state history so far: the 2003 session which lasted 118 days.

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