Learning from some pinball pros

CBS 2 News This Morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin learn some tips from members of Treasure Valley Pinball.

There’s a place you can go in the Treasure Valley where everybody knows your name.

Okay, there are plenty of places that channel ‘Cheers’ but Treasure Valley Pinball is one of them.

Debbie Courson Smith helped start the group. She has 19 pinball machines in her home.

“I am lucky to have a kitchen table at this point,” she said. “And that is getting dicey.”

Treasure Valley Pinball welcomes all skill levels.

“I play with her right on my belly,” said Jacqueline Howard, referring to her newborn daughter, Claire. “It’s wonderful.”

Both Howard and Courson Smith yielded teaching duties to Debbie’s daughter, Aviana.

“It’s takes lots of practice and study,” said Aviana, a student at Centennial High School.

Smith was tasked with getting CBS 2 New This Morning anchors Deni Hawkins and Bryan Levin up to speed on studying a table before playing.

After a quick lesson, Deni stepped up to a soccer-themed machine.

After a few minutes, her time was up with 244-million points.

“That’s pretty good, right?” Deni asked.

“Dad set the record this morning with 3.9 trillion,” Aviana responded.

Bryan was next up. Like always, he lost, this time by around 60-million points.

If you are interested in playing pinball you can check out Treasure Valley Pinball or Belles and Chimes Treasure Valley. That group is female-only.

You can find local events through the International Flipper Pinball Association.

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