Kuna School Levy---what's at stake & what the community is saying

A sample ballot of the proposed supplemental school levy for the Kuna School District. The levy would renew the $2.5 million each year for two years currently in place (Photo courtesy of Ada County Clerk).

On Tuesday, residents in Kuna will be making a decision: to pass or fail a supplemental levy for $2.5 million each year for two years.

Driving through Kuna, the construction zones, and building skeltons show a city bursting with growth.

And David Reinhart with the Kuna School District says class sizes are growing too.

"We are growing at 500 homes a year," said Reinhart. "Which means we have a couple hundred new students a year, and bond and levies help us to grow and have space and materials for those students."

Reinhart says this levy would be a renewal of one that passed two years ago. On its website, the school district points to funding of desks, safety measures, replaced heating and cooling systems and repaired side walks as just a few ways the $2.5 million levy for the 2017-18 and in 2018-19 school years were used.

This levy would also be $2.5 million each year for two years.

For the next two years the district says the money will be used to add 20 teachers, provide new materials and technology equipment and increase school safety if passed.

Becky Wooley, who has children in the Kuna School District says it's necessary.

"They need teachers, they need resources to be successful in school," said Wooley.

So what does this mean for a Kuna tax payer? According to Reinhart, you won't be noticing too much of a difference.

"This levy is a renewal of what's already on the Kuna resident's bill," he said. "We are simply asking voters to consider appropriating some of that money for books..teachers and safety."

But not every one is sold on the idea of the levy.

Gary Adams says he will be voting no tomorrow.

"The average homeowner is going to lose about a thousand dollars a year on property taxes just for extra school money? Shouldn't we just look to the state if we need more money or if they really don't need that money why are we worried about giving so much more for it," he said.

Election results are expected to be posted online at, after 8:30 pm.

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