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Kuna animal sanctuary seeks volunteers to snuggle piggies

Dominifarm seeks volunteers to help animals feel loved (Courtesy Dominifarm)
Dominifarm seeks volunteers to help animals feel loved (Courtesy Dominifarm)
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Dominifarm Animal Sanctuary is looking for helpers to make their rescued farm animals feel loved.

The sanctuary is a charity that cares for elderly, disabled and abandoned farm animals such as pigs, cows, chickens and horses. Dominifarm says volunteering helps the animals socialize, but it also helps the volunteers.

"At first, I started the sanctuary to help animals," said Dominique Delobbe, president and operator of Dominifarm. "But over time, what has become beautiful to me is the beneficial impact of the animals on people who come to visit. The visitors get as much from the animals as the animals get from the visitors."

Dominifarm also works to get the animals adopted, though there's a lot that goes into caring for a farm animal.

"I want to grow the sanctuary in order to help more animals and to encourage people to make more informed decisions about whether they want to adopt them," says Delobbe. "I want people to understand that adopting farm animals is a lifelong commitment."

The farm invites people to sign up as volunteers and to provide tax-deductible donations.

"My vision is a world where farm animals are treated with the same love and respect as household pets," says Delobbe.

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