Kinner refused mental evaluation multiple times and has sent new letters to prosecutors

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June mass stabbing suspect Timmy Kinner appeared in court once again Thursday afternoon and new details have been revealed about his time in jail.

Kinner has refused mental evaluation multiple times and sent two new letters to prosecutors recently.

Last hearing, the court decided that the first letter he sent in September wouldn't be significant enough to be evaluated and it was locked up unread by prosecutors.

Now that more letters have been sent, the State now is requesting all letters to be reviewed by a doctor to see if Kinner is competent. They say it would give more insight to what he is thinking and could be relevant. Based on the number of letters, the court approves in-camera review of three total letters.

The defense councel asked if they should be allowed to see them because they are communications from Kinner. The court denied them.

Kinner was scheduled to be evaluated by a doctor Tuesday and Thursday morning but refused both times.

The court's previous order to make Kinner available for evaluation has not been followed and the level of force was not clear. The jail is directed to use the same level of force used to bring Kinner before the court to be applied for a mental health evaluation and the defense councel may be present to make Kinner comfortable.

The court requests the doctor to be scheduled on or before Oct. 19.

A second psychiatrist is recommended by the court because Kinner is not accepting medications or agreeing to evaluations in the jail. The say one doctor is not in position to prescribe medications and the second psychiatrist could be deemed helpful regarding mental health.

The court lastly stated they do not have enough information on whether Kinner's unwillingness to participate is because of a mental health issue or because he is simply refusing.

Kinner is accused of killing a three-year-old girl at her birthday party in Boise on June 30. Nine total people were stabbed in the incident.

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