Kindergarten teacher could be fired after 5 year olds found 'having sex' in bathroom

NEW JERSEY - A New Jersey kindergarten teacher could be fired after stumbling across two of her 5 year old students who were naked in a bathroom. Teacher Kelly Mascio says they told her they were "having sex."

The teacher reported the incident immediately to her supervisor in September but was suspended later that day.

Mascio says originally the school told her she was suspended for failure to supervise her students. The school did an investigation, but so far have not released an official reason why they suspended her.

Police investigated and found no reason to press charges against the teacher.

The teacher's union says the day of the incident was particularly busy as the class was undergoing state testing. Mascio had to usher kids in and out of the room so they could take the tests.

Mascio has been with the district for 16 years.
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