ISP: Getting ahead of growth

Colonel Kedrick Wills is Director of Idaho State Patrol.

MERIDIAN (Idaho) - No matter where you look in the Treasure Valley, growth abounds.

South Meridian, Nampa - even the foothills.

Several city and state agencies are working to address that growth - and get ahead of it.

One such agency - Idaho State Police.

Now chances are, you first think of more troopers being needed for our state's highways.

But ISP covers far more than just that service.

Here's part of KBOI 2's interview with Colonel Kedrick Wills, Director of ISP:

"But there's other things that we do in the state police that are increasing as well that people may not think about," Colonel Wills said. "For example, our forensic services has increased from fiscal year 2014 to fiscal year 2017. We've increased from about five thousand submissions to over eight thousand submissions in different disciplines and those kinds of issues. So forensics is a big issue. Our brand inspections go up. More people living here means more people need to eat, which equates to more brand inspections. So the things that people always think about traffic - thinking that's one of our functions, but there are other things, too. Our Bureau of Criminal Identification handles about 55,000 fingerprint cards a year. Every job that requires a fingerprint - those all have to be processed here at the Idaho State Police. And so those increases are things that we're looking at as well, more than simply the traffic issues."

We referenced state troopers on our roads.

Colonel Wills says in the patrol division, the dispatch center has handled more than 200,000 calls for service a year statewide.

That number is on the rise with cell phones, as Colonel Wills says more people are more apt to make emergency calls.

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