Interfaith Sanctuary pulls in donations on Idaho Gives Day for children's playground


Halfway through Idaho Gives Day, Interfaith Sanctuary had doubled the amount of donations they got in 2015. But how?

They focused on the homeless children and their futures.

Out of the 160 beds available at the Interfaith Sanctuary, one-third of them are filled by homeless families, 27 of those beds are occupied by children.

"If you look at the statistics of children that our staying in homeless shelters...You know, the long term mental health issues that stem from that," said shelter director, Dan Ault. "By offering a positive environment where we allow them to be a child, allow them to play, (it'll) help children have a better mental health in the future."

Last year on Idaho Gives Day, director Jodi Peterson says they received about 60 donations that brought in just over $4,000. That number was already doubled by 1 p.m. this year with just 42 donations totaling more than $8,000.

"This audience is waiting for opportunities to give," Peterson said. "So last year and the year before that, I don't think quite knew how to do it yet so this year we are doing good."

Peterson say the shelter is hoping to raise $22,000 this year. Money that will go toward building a playground for children who have nowhere else to go.

"It's going to be an enclosed area that has actually a locked door," Peterson said. "So when the kids and families enter, they are secured. It's going to have four square, hop scotch, a place for jump rope, chalk board walls, basketball, and pickle ball."

Results for this year's Idaho Gives Day are soon to come.



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