Interest groups say highway funding needs higher taxes

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Interest groups are starting up efforts for highway funding and they say most likely everyone's going to pay with higher taxes.AAA Idaho says, like it or not taxes need to be raised just to maintain the highways and roads we already have. But that might not be what state lawmakers want to hear in the next session starting January. Dave Carlson of AAA says, "It's sort of quiet right now on the western front. But we're hearing from a handful of brave legislatures that are saying, ' yea this is an issue that needs discussion this year."AAA says that taxes have to go up next session due to a 262 million dollar annual shortfall that is only getting larger year after year as lawmakers put off this discussion. AAA recommends that lawmakers make the process of moving to raise taxes transparent and people will more likely accept it. AAA says that cars are paying more than their share of funding than commercial trucks that are heavier and abuse the roads more. Interest groups want the legislature to spread out the increases to everyone and make the cost fair. Most likely the increases will come in the way of a higher gas tax and vehicle registrations, Carlson says.

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