Impacts of Harvey could be felt at the pump

Gas Prices will likely increase because of Harvey

The impacts of Hurricane Harvey will likely be felt here in Idaho.

According to the AAA of Idaho, a quarter of Gulf Coast production refineries are offline.

That means eight different refineries currently out of production.

The impact is a loss in production of 2.5 million barrels of oil a day.

Here in Idaho, our supplies come mainly from Utah refineries, but eventually, even our prices could go up.

"We've already seen a 21 cent increase just since the start of this month, now going into Labor Day, as demand continues to increase, if supply stays tight in other places we certainly could see a price increase here in Idaho, it'll just be a ripple effect that spreads across the country depending on how fast that recovery happens," said Matthew Conde, Director of Public and Government Affairs.

Gas prices in Idaho have already been higher due to a large demand from the eclipse.

The average price per gallon $2.74, that's up from $2.45 one year ago.

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