Illegal Immigrants taken to Treasure Valley jails... what happens next?


The Canyon County Jail is definitely a place an illegal immigrant wants to avoid.

“I can tell you the stance that the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office takes if someone is brought into our jail, we notify ICE if they’re not a us citizen. We do have a lot of crime committed and it’s the crime we want to deal with and remove that person,” Said Canyon County Jail Commander Capt. Daren Ward.

If the illegal immigrant is charged with a no bond crime, the jail emails Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). That’s because the inmate isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

But if the accused can bond out, the jail calls ICE to see if they want a detainer placed on that person. If that happens, Canyon County will contact ICE again before the illegal immigrant is set free the next step is up to ICE.

“which is the warrant that goes along with that hold and then that hold is placed on them and then generally within 24 hours they (ICE) come to our facility and take that person from us,” Capt. Ward said.

On any given day, jail leaders say there are fifteen illegal immigrants on detainer in the Canyon County Jail. ICE picks up an average of 3 illegal immigrants per week.

At the Ada County Jail they take a very different approach.

In an email, the Sheriff’s Office says it’s up to ICE to monitor the jail’s inmate roster on the web and research the inmates.

Ada County also says it will hold illegal immigrants for ICE as long as the proper forms are filed and inmate is picked up in a “reasonable amount of time.”

Back in Canyon County, Capt. Ward says he not only agrees with Sheriff’s Donahue’s approach, he says it’s the law.

“State statute tells the Sheriff we will obey different state laws, federal laws all of those things one of those is to notify ICE that people are here... we will work with federal partners,” Capt. Ward said.

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