Idaho's 'first of its kind' public market comes to the Treasure Valley

Construction is underway at the Treasure Valley's first year round public market, called Chow. (KBOI Staff Photo)

Construction is underway at the Treasure Valley's first year round public market, called Chow.

"We have a very active community in Boise, whether its biking, running, and they discover the outdoors, they discover opportunities," says owner and entrepreneur Nicholas Jones. "That's what Chow is, it's about discovery."

Boise native and entrepreneur Nicholas Jones says Chow has been a dream of his for years.

"I had the chance to go to a few public markets while i was over in Indiana getting my MBA, Chicago and over in Pennsylvania, and I just thought the concept was fantastic and Idaho didn't have any," Jones says.

That's when, he says, the Boise Spectrum reached out, asking him to open a restaurant, but Jones had other ideas.

"I'm cool opening a public market, and they were like, we are too, and that's where the magic starts," Jones says.

Chow encompasses 7,200 square feet and will feature 9 local restaurants from Egyptian cuisine to tacos.

The market also features a spice bar, a wine and cheese bar even locally made gelato.

Jones says this market is all about variety.

"An entire family can go to a public market, and the dad can go and grab a burger, the mom can grab some Aladdin's, kids can grab tacos, they can go do a little bit of shopping and they can grab some wine to take home with them. it's that variety and it's also really high quality."

All of it, right across the street from Edwards 21 Cinema.

"The big draw for a public market is everything local, and using local tenants and using local business owners," says Jones.

Jones tells KBOI 2 News that the market will also feature pop-up vendors, but it's the atmosphere that will "take the cake"

"Right over here is going to be a garage door that will open up into the space. There will be a patio that spans the entire length of it."

Chow public market and eatery is set to open its doors in late June of 2018,

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