Idaho Power box shows up on the first tee

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Idaho Power are making upgrades to a power sector near Indian Lakes Golf Course. They will be digging up lines underground and putting them above ground in a green electrical boxes.

One of the upgrades will be put on Indian Lakes Golf course right on the side of their 1st tee. "Are you kidding me this is the first tee and this is what it looks like a huge box, this is like a coffin. And they don't care," said Golf course owner, Bashar Sabbagh.

Idaho Power started digging up right next to the first tee on Tuesday. Idaho Power says that this was a long time coming and Indian Lakes had options. "We had a meeting, we've sent letters, we've sent voice mails, what we've gotten in response are angry voice mails," Stephanie McCurdy of Idaho Power said.

The golf course says that while they offered to pay to have the box moved they thought the power company would play ball. Course manager, Michelle Porter said, "What I got from the attorney was not that, it was the opposite and It felt like a bullying situation."

The golf course found out the power company can legally put the box in. "They have an easement which gives them the right to do it. But as a community what's right and what's wrong, I don't think they are showing what a good example of what's right in the community's eyes," Porter said.

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