Idaho National Guardswoman arrives home from deployment, surprised with proposal

Idaho National Guardswoman Chrystina Binson celebrates saying yes to her boyfriend's marriage proposal Thursday afternoon at the Boise Airport.

An Idaho National Guardswoman arrived home at the Boise Airport Thursday and as she walked out of her gate and through the glass doors, she found her boyfriend waiting with a ring and a question to ask.

Chrystina Binson's boyfriend Shaun proposed alongside family who were waiting in the arrivals lounge.

The family held signs saying "Welcome Home Chrystina," and happily flipped the signs to say, "Will You Marry Me?"

Chrystina said yes.

Chrystina hasn't seen her family and now fiance for a year. She was deployed overseas in Kuwait for a few weeks and then spent time in Syria.

She volunteered to serve alongside the Mississippi National Guard who needed help serving missions.

“We supported a joint task force in finding out the groups that were infiltrating countries that were working against US forces,” said Chrystina.

Now she is happy to be home.

Chrystina met Shaun on a Memorial Day camping trip when they were teenagers. Now about 10 years later they're getting married.

Chrystina said she knew a proposal was coming, but wasn't prepared for it to happen upon her arrival.

"I told him I wasn’t going to cry, obviously I did... I made a deal with him. I bet him if I didn’t cry he's going to make me dinner on Friday. But if I cried I would make him a dinner, so I owe him a pasta dinner," Chrystina joked.

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