Idaho IceWorld to raise prices on skating programs

Idaho Iceworld to raise prices on skating programs. With the proposed increase, parents will not be able to afford passes or lessons. (File Photo)

Idaho IceWorld has announced a price hike on skating services leaving parents out of the loop and outraged.

We're not talking about a couple dollars here. The rink is tripling the cost of rink passes and cutting private lesson times. For future Olympic hopefuls, parents are not happy with the decision.

Idaho Iceworld is home to family ice skating, hockey leagues, figure skating programs and lessons and public skate lessons.

But, the figure skating club is taking the punch. A three-month unlimited pass can cost approximately $240. Now, depending on how many hours a skater spends at the rink, that price can jump to $400 -- a 67 percent increase.

The events center is budgeted to operate at a loss and this is an effort to render as a financial sustainable facility. But, management did not include the board and parents on the decision.

With ice time, coaching fees, skates and costumes, parents are seeing this as pricing their children out of the sport. A sport that brings nationally ranked skaters to the facility who need the skating time. With the proposed increase, they will not be able to afford the pass or lessons.

Parents say the increase is unsustainable and the events center should have worked out a plan including the people who are effected.

The figure skating club donates 400 hours a year on the ice, teaching and mentoring. They suggest a gradual increase of costs for all programs and public skating, rather than one club being targeted by the price hike.

The new prices are suppose to take effect starting in January. Until then, board members and parents are coming together to figure out better solution.

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