Some Idaho Firefighters in California have yet to see any fire

A firefighter hoses down the remains of a destroyed home after the Thomas fire swept through Ventura, Calif., Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017. (Daniel Dreifuss via AP)

Some Idaho firefighters may be sent home tomorrow because California firefighters could have enough resources to handle the fire on their own. They are currently on standby.

"We’re first up for initial attack, so if something big pops off around the area," said Parma firefighter Dylon Fulmer.

Fulmer says they will hopefully find out by tomorrow if they are going back to Idaho or being sent to a different California fire.

"None of us want to go home yet," Fulmer said. "We came down here to do a job and we want to do that job."

Fulmer says he volunteered to go down to California and potentially miss the holidays so he could make a difference. He says it would be disappointing to go home early, but knows going home means the fire is more manageable to local California fire departments than anticipated.

If they are relocated to a different fire, Fulmer anticipates the Santa Ana winds being their biggest threat.

"We’ve had gusts up to 40 to 60 miles an hour," Fulmer said. "With California being in a drought, those winds are really going to help that fire push right along."

This story will be updated once firefighters find out if they are being relocated to a new fire or being sent home.

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