Idaho County Sheriff: One missing persons case isn't an accident

Idaho County Sheriff: one missing persons case in Idaho County isn't an accident

Crews are actively searching Idaho County again today after they say yesterdays rain hampered their search efforts in two separate missing persons cases.

Multiple crews are searching various areas in Idaho County for 76-year-old Nez Perce resident Connie Johnson and 27-year-old Terrence Woods from Maryland.

"And they've got dogs in there right now. They've got guys on horseback," says Sheriff Giddings.

Search conditions are extremely difficult for crews due to a rugged landscape.

Idaho County is over eight thousand square miles of vast back country and steep terrain.

"You can go this way or this way or this way or this way or this way, and it's not just like out on the prairie, it's shuph. Orogrande, shuph. everything is up or down. there's no level," Sheriff Giddings says.

The Idaho County Sheriffs office tells CBS 2 Johnson was last seen up the Selways at Fog Mountain area near Big Rock.

Johnson was at hunting camp, where she was the camp cook

The sheriff's office also tells CBS 2 news that Connie's dog Ace was with her at the campsite and is also missing.

The sheriff says the last communication with Johnson was last Tuesday.

They say when other members of her party arrived Friday, they were unable to locate her or her dog, Ace.

The area was searched and no tracks were found.

"You couldn't even walk through there," says Sheriff Giddings. "All the downed trees and the brush."

In a separate case just hours before Johnson, 27-year-old Terrence Woods from Maryland was reported missing.

The Idaho County Sheriff says Woods was filming a documentary in the Orogrande area and was separated from his film crew when he went missing.

He was last seen near the Penman Mine near Orogrande.

Workers on the scene told the sheriff's office he had been acting strange.

As the crew was wrapping up, he approached a steep drop.

"He went over to the edge and there were several people watching him including one of the local guys, and he said he just decided to take off, and he shot down that hill," Giddings says.

Crew members tried to go after Woods, but weren't able to find him.

"And he would not stop, and he took off, and he just kept going. And they lost him at a road down below where you drop almost straight down, straight down a hill," Sheriff Giddings says.

Crews are searching from the air and ground.

So far no new clues have been found, despite searching from dusk till dawn since Friday.

One crew has requested to stay in the back country and camp out until Thursday.

Today, along with Idaho County Personnel, The Forest Service, Idaho Fish and Game, The Clearwater County Dog Team, Back County Rescue Helicopter, and The U.S. Air Force are assisting in search efforts on both scenes.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of either Connie Johnson or Terrence Woods is asked to call the Idaho County Sheriff's office at 208-983-1100.

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