Humane Society: Woman accused of hoarding nearly 60 cats in Boise motel

Photo courtesy Idaho Humane Society

A woman is accused of hoarding nearly 60 cats in a Boise motel the Idaho Humane Society says.

The humane society has rescued what began as 59 cats, has grown to 77.

"Many of the cats were pregnant and began having babies at our shelter," the humane society said.

The cats were seized on July 15 and 16.

According to the humane society, they have spent $29,684.18 caring for the cats. They say although the woman is responsible for repaying for the animal care, historically they have never received any compensation.

Zamzows stepped up in the emergency and donated 1,600 pounds of cat food. But not just any cat food, it has to be food the cats could consume given their previous precarious living situation.

Nine cats passed away at the shelter or were euthanized due to medical conditions.

A judge overseeing the case granted the Idaho Humane Society custody of the felines.

The cats are numerous but details about the animal cruelty case are few.

The Idaho Humane Society maintains a toll free animal cruelty and neglect hot line to receive reports of suspected animal cruelty, neglect, or animal fighting, from citizens throughout the region, the number is 1-866-430-9432.

Donations can be made to the shelter HERE.

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