Homeless shelter desperate for cough drops, cold remedies for their visitors


Snow and cold weather is taking a toll on homeless shelters.

The Interfaith Sanctuary gives shelter to more than 150 homeless people every night during the winter, but right now many of them are sick and the shelter is running out of cough drops.

For the homeless escaping the cold can be tough.

As a result many of them become sick this time of year, forcing the shelters who take them in at night, like the Interfaith Sanctuary, to manage their health.

"When you have a whole shelter full of sick people it becomes very hard," said April Neale, the publicist and marketing director for Interfaith Sanctuary.

This isn't only hard on the volunteers and workers at the shelter. Those sleeping in the dorm-style shelter also suffer.

"Whenever anyone is up with a cough it wakes up everyone around them and it's really no way to escape," said Paige O'Brien, the volunteer coordinator at Interfaith.

Now the shelter is asking the community to help them, help the homeless.

They are in desperate need of cough and cold medicine, in particular, cough drops. The shelter says they've completely run out of.

"That's like 130 cough drops we go through a night so we need a lot of them," O'Brien said.

The Interfaith Sanctuary prefers the menthol and sugar-free drops.

They also need immunity boosters such as Emergen-C and Airborne to prevent those in the shelter who aren't sick from catching someone else's cold.

They're also asking for donations of cold remedies like Cold-Eeze.

All of these products range from $1 to $10. The Interfaith Sanctuary hopes the next time you're in the grocery store you can find it in your heart and your wallet to pull a couple items off the shelf for them.

Other items the shelter needs are coloring books, and colored pencils to give their guest something to do and hand warmers to give their guests when they leave

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