Headstone of Mark Stall restored for the 20th anniversary of his death

STALL GRAVE STONE-BRENT_0005_frame_121.jpg

It's been 20 years since Boise Police Officer Mark Stall was killed in the line of duty. September 20, 1997. He was killed in a shootout.

Stall was buried in the Dry Creek Cemetery. Over 20 years, the elements had taken their toll on the headstone. So the Federal Order of Police teamed up with Boise Valley Monument to restore the stone.

Joe Andreoli, President of the local FOP chapter said, "It's just important to be a part of something so special as the memory of Mark Stall. It symbolizes to me that even 20 years later, Mark's memory has not faded one bit."

The husband/wife team of Joe and Cory Fouts did the work. They first had to clean the stone of mineral buildup. Joe Fouts explained that included even the carved lettering, "Once the alkali gets in there we have to clean it out because it turns white and anything we put in there is either going to flake back out or absorb in. So we actually have to go back in and clean those all out by hand and then go back in and paint with a solvent based paint that's specifically made for stone."

They also restored a nearby stone bench that was placed by members of the Stall family.

Fouts said, "It is a good feeling for us. It is nice when we can give back to the community, especially when it's a monument that's this important for the community. He was effectively a hero for the community."


On September 20th the Boise Police Department will host a Remembrance Ceremony to honor the 20th Anniversary of Officer Mark Stall’s death. Officer Stall is the only officer who has been killed in the line of duty in the history of the Boise Police Department. His family, fellow BPD officers and the public are invited to honor Officer Stall for his service and sacrifice.

WHERE: W. Idaho Street and N. 15th Street

WHEN: 7:00 p.m. on September 20, 2017

WHO: Speakers will include Boise Police Captain Ron Winegar, Ray Stall, Boise Police Chief William Bones, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter

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