Someone's junk... is a non-profit's gold mine!

Habitat for Humanity is making use of re-useable items that would other wise clutter a landfill.

Volunteers salvaged parts like doors, windows and hardwood trims from a donor who decided to donate the items before the house is demolished.

The collected parts will go to habitat's two restores and will be put up for sale.

Tom Lay, the executive director for Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity said "the value of this is incredible. people make generous donations to us...bless their hearts....each day at restores. but something like this where you have a home of this quality and our ability to dismantle this and sell all of its parts will turn in to not only these items of sales at the restore but ongoing sales."

Areas to donate are located at Habitat for Humanity's W. State Street and West Overland Road locations.

All profits go into supporting habitat.

Lay says this is another way to donate to habitat for humanity's cause which is assisting families in need with their own home.

"It benefits our community in general by having these families now own their own home and know that I not only want to make my place nice, but make my whole community a better place because I have a stake in that community," Lay said.

Some items may go inside a future Habitat for Humanity house too.

The habitat says anything similar you would like to donate will be welcomed.

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