Gubernatorial nominees return to the campaign trail

The election is Tuesday, November 6th.

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Just a day after winning the vote from their parties, both of Idaho's gubernatorial nominees are back out on the campaign trail.

Their focus - the November election.

In an interview with KBOI 2News, the nominees reveal what they think generated so much voter interest and what's ahead with just six months until ballots are cast again.

Voter turnout for both parties was extremely high Tuesday night.

The Democrats tripled turnout compared to the party's gubernatorial race four year ago.

Just a day after winning her party's nomination, Paulette Jordan says Idahoans are crossing party lines to put her in office.

"These were individuals who normally vote Republican, but for the first time ever, they're voting for someone who is a progressive Democrat from rural Idaho," she said.

Voter turnout for the Republicans was also at an all-time high since 1994.

The GOP's gubernatorial nominee, Brad Little, told KBOI 2 he's moved past the negative campaigns, reaching out to his competitors for a united, party message.

"I've had conversations with both of them - not long conversations - we obviously visited last night," he said. "I haven't visited with them today, but I've been very busy corresponding with friends and supporters - people that I owe a gratitude of thanks."

Jordan did not get widespread establishment endorsements during the primary, but says she's seeking common ground through all voters.

"Ultimately, the goal here is for everyone to work together - have have to come together as one - united on both sides and my goal here is to unite everybody regardless of their affiliation to any party - whether it's Democrat, Republican, Independent or unaffiliated," she said.

Little believes the days ahead will prove what's to come for his party in November.

"I am worred about getting our message out to blue, red, purple, the entire part of the state - and I will be relentless in getting our message out to the people," he said.

There's no rest for either candidate.

Both have booked meetings and appearances through this weekend, already back on the campaign trail.

The election is Tuesday, November 6.

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