Grove Plaza Christmas tree topper stolen

Officials say a man climbed up the Christmas tree and plucked off the star (KBOI Staff).

It might look like they're starting to take down some of the Christmas decorations at Grove Plaza, but sadly . . . this wasn't by choice.

The star topper on the Grove Plaza Christmas tree was stolen.

Officials say it happened around 3 a.m. New Years Day.

McKailey Burchett, a Boise resident says, "it seems almost impossible that someone was able to just climb all the way on top of the tree and pluck it right down."

Officials say that's exactly what happened.

A man climbed up the tree and took the star with him, knocking down some ornaments in the process.

The tree is put up every Christmas by the Downtown Boise Association and that snowflake star has been on top for more than a decade.

"Its just really sad that someone had to destroy something that has been such a staple for downtown Boise during the holiday season. There's just no reason to." Burchett said.

To replace the star will cost about 500-dollars.

The Executive Director of the Downtown Boise Association told KBOI 2News on Tuesday that she is hoping whoever took it will find it in themselves to return it.

If you have any information that could help track the star down you're asked to call Boise police.

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