Get that sunscreen ready! It will be toasty on Wednesday!

While tomorrow will be on the warm side, things will cool down on Thursday--when we dip back into the 70s. (KBOI).

Get that sun screen out folks! It will be a toasty day outside this Wednesday!

Right now, a ridge of high pressure is currently nestled over our area, that's slowly been pushing us 10 degrees warmer each day: Monday we saw a high near 70, with today's high in the low 80s. Tomorrow we're expecting to keep on pace with the trend---reaching 90 degrees by the afternoon!

Clear skies and sunshine will be on the menu then---so be sure to hydrate!

There's also plenty that you can still enjoy during these temps--including awesome bands at Alive After Five.

But if those conditions are still too hot for you don't worry--a cooler air is expected to move on in, pushing us back into the 70s through next Tuesday!

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