Get ready for a little '50 Shades' - Boise style

Warning: This story contains mature information and content.

BOISE, Idaho- Get ready for a little "50 Shades" with a local twist. 50 Shades is a series of erotic best-selling books based on what can only be described as "alternative sexual practices."

Dozens and dozens are involved in the BDSM lifestyle locally. BDSM can stand for bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism.

You can see the interest in the BDSM lifestyle by going to the website Idaho BDSM. On the message board talk of looking for discipline are scattered and real.

KBOI 2News reporter, Tami Tremblay, talked with a Boise man and his partner about the lifestyle. We will call them by their stage names, Eibon who is a writer and Siren who is a chemist.

"Well I have had these thoughts for awhile but didn't believe they were realistic," Eibon said. "I thought it was just something you could read about."

"I've always been interested in it, but I grew up in a smaller town so it wasn't really an option," Siren said.

They met on what they call a "vanilla" dating website and have been together for a year practicing BDSM.

"I like the fact that I can just let go and not have 20,000 things on my mind," Siren said. "I'm focused on one thing. It's a very liberating sort of feeling to finally be who you are."

They incorporate spanking, bondage, whipping and other forms of punishment into their sex life.

You can find extreme sex toys online. Eibon and Siren have many of them, including a cage used for misbehavior.

You may be thinking BDSM is dangerous, even torture, but on the Idaho BDSM website it says the lifestyle is not abuse. It is consensual activity between willing partners.

"Informed consent is of the utmost importance," Eibon said. "Everyone has to know what's going to happen, how it's going to happen and if they'll be OK with it."

You can find safety products in Eibon and Siren's bedroom because they say their goal is stimulation and satisfaction not injuries.

As for who takes part in this lifestyle, they say it's all walks of life, but folks are too uncomfortable to share their secret because the opinion is very negative. However, with the release of the 50 Shades trilogy Siren and Eibon say it's helping make it more public and may even bring more acceptance.

Although dozens of people are involved in the alternative lifestyle in the Treasure Valley, hundreds are involved statewide. The Idaho BDSM group has monthly meet-ups in Boise.
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