Gas tax battle may not be too bad says AAA

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - AAA says that Idaho is going to have to raise taxes for transportation funding next session by state lawmakers. They think that state lawmakers will not decide if taxes will be raised but when they will be raised for funding of improved roads and bridges.

They mention that the gas tax and the registration fees haven't been raised since the 90's. "We're trying to use 1990's dollars to pay for 21st century needs. It doesn't make sense. At some point somebodies going to have to do something. We're taking the lead, it's obviously a risk," Dave Carlson said of AAA Idaho.

AAA has started a campaign called Better Roads Fair Funding for Idaho, to try to ease the pain for taxpayers. They want commercial businesses to take on more taxes if residents have to as well. "If everybody is paying their fair share we think people will be more willing to Annie up a little bit more out of their pockets to pay a little additional gas tax or a little more registration fees," Carlson said.
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