Does Boise need another bike committee? Ada County says 'yes'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Ada County Commissioners voted to approve a bicycle committee alliance Tuesday, which committee members said would mainly help employees and visitors of the Ada County Courthouse.

A survey was passed around the building, and out of the 350 people that responded, 60 said they commute to work on two wheels. That large number turned the heads of several employees, who decided to form the committee.

Committee member, Kelly Paananen, said members would meet regularly to figure out how to promote and encourage more cyclists within the building, along with visitors of the courthouse. She said their first step would be applying for a 'Bicycle Friendly Business' application and get that recognition. Paananen said the state of Idaho already has a bicycle friendly title, along with Boise State University, and she said the City of Boise is working on getting it.

"Right now we're focusing on this building and getting that application in January," Pannanen said. "But eventually we'd like to make all of our facilities more bicycle friendly either by having showers on site, more bike racks, more repair stations; things of that nature."

Paananen said she hopes covered bike stations are also in the works for the future.

When KBOI asked if this committee will step on toes of other committees in the area, she said definitely not. Pannanen said their committee is working alongside ACHD, the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance, and the Boise Bike Share to make sure the area is more bicycle friendly.

KBOI also asked if this committee would have any say in future ACHD projects, like the bike lane project, and Paananen said that's something they'd consider.

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