Four teens facing charges after allegedly torturing Oregon boy

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Drugs and ignorance is not a good combination.

That's the conclusion of several law enforcement sources after looking into the case of four teenagers facing kidnapping and assault charges after they allegedly lured another teen to a shed in Southeast Portland and tortured him for several hours.

Those under arrest are three boys and a girl. The youngest is 14. Two of them are 15 and one is 17. They were arraigned Tuesday, and the grand jury started hearing the case on Thursday.

The 14-year-old is described as the ring-leader.

The target of the teens is a 14-year-old that they perceived as a bully. Sources say that the teens targeted their victim in what they believed would be an act of revenge.

How was he a bully?

Sources say that the attackers were upset because their victim called another student "gay" on Facebook.

"He's not exactly a Sunday School model either," said one source who added that the victim admits to using drugs regularly -- as do his attackers. "At the same time, no one deserves what happened to him."

The victim is described as having come from a broken home - alternately being raised by grandparents and other relatives.

According to court records, the victim was lured to the shed with promises of sex and drugs.

The 15-year-old girl - she and the victim are students at David Douglas High School - later told cops she had been the "bait."

"She stated that they had all discussed a plan the previous evening to lure him over to torture him and agreed that she had also demanded that he get a skateboard for her," according to court records.

Once at the shed, there were no drugs.

Instead, the victim was set upon by the four teens - one of whom hit him in the back of the head with a silver crow bar as he walked in the shed.

Holding a handgun at him, they ordered the victim to take off his shirt.

Once he did so, he was shot in the chest, the hand and once in the groin with a BB gun.

That BB pellet had to be surgically removed.

He was beaten with a crow bar and forced to eat cat feces. One of the teens used a box cutter to carve a swastika into his forehead. He was also shot with the BB gun in his hand and chest.

After a while he begged to be released. They finally let him go when he promised to steal a skateboard and some drugs that he would bring back.

Instead, he ran to an automotive shop where police were called.

He was transported to OHSU where the cops continued their interview of him.

Based on what he said, they got a search warrant and arrested the four teens.

When executing the search warrant, police recovered the victim's iPod - he had been made to empty his pockets when he arrived at the shed.

Jenna Jean Montgomery, 15, Jess Taylor, 17, Blue Christian James Kalbach, 15 are all charged with Measure 11 crimes and were arraigned in Juvenile Court on Tuesday. Grand Jury starts today. They will make their first appearance in adult court next week.

There is also the 14-year-old who is charged as a juvenile and will remain in the juvenile system. His birthday is not until next month so he just missed facing possible Measure 11 charges.

"What's really shocking about the whole thing is just how ignorant the teens were of the consequences of what they were doing," said one source. "They just didn't understand that they were breaking the law.

"None of them expressed any remorse; really just shock at how much trouble they were in. They didn't understand that it would be that big a deal.

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