Former Canyon County Jail deputy's arraignment vacated

Kade McConnell, left, and Corey Weathermon. Photos courtesy Canyon County Jail.

CALDWELL — A former Canyon County deputy accused of encouraging violence against an inmate at the Canyon County jail had his arraignment vacated Friday in 3rd District Court Friday.

Corey Weathermon, 46, and another former jail guard, Kade McConnell, 26, were fired in October and arrested Jan. 29 on claims they worked together to try to get gang members in the jail to attack another gang member — one who had tried to escape — when he was alone and unprotected.

Weathermon posted his bond of $35,000 shortly after he was arrested. At the arraignment, Judge John Meienhofer said he would not consider lowering Weathermon's bond, as Weathermon had already posted it.

Meienhofer announced the arraignment was vacated. An arraignment is a suspect's first court appearance, in which the bond amount could be argued and future dates set for court appearances.

Weathermon and McConnell are now set to appear at a preliminary hearing March 20 before Meienhofer. At preliminary hearings, the defense and prosecution can make their case, including asking for witness and expert testimony, and the judge can decide if there are sufficient grounds to send the case to felony court.

Weathermon is accused of encouraging McConnell to solicit inmates to harm another prisoner at the jail. At McConnell's arraignment on Jan. 30, the prosecution argued that McConnell wanted retribution for this inmate, who had injured another deputy while trying to escape in October.

Weathermon allegedly printed a screenshot of confidential paperwork revealing that the targeted inmate faced 11 charges of sex crimes against children. Weathermon is also accused of acting as a lookout while McConnell allegedly showed the charges to four other inmates who were members of the Sureño gang, according to a criminal complaint from the Ada County Prosecutor's Office.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Weathermon stated to police that he “didn’t know” what McConnell was showing inmates and denied he had any knowledge of what McConnell wanted the inmates to do to the prisoner who tried to escape.

Weathermon stated the only time he disseminated information about the inmate accused of lewd conduct was when he asked two inmates of the same gang how another member would be treated for being charged with lewd conduct, according to the affidavit.

Weathermon is charged with aiding and abetting solicitation to commit aggravated battery, and McConnell is charged with solicitation to commit aggravated battery. If convicted, they both could face up to 15 years in prison.

Weathermon worked at the jail for almost four years, according to the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office.

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