Forecast: Possible risk of freezing rain, with more mountain snow on the way


Once again, we've found ourselves trapped under a layer of low clouds in the Treasure Valley. Our weak inversion has kept temperatures cold this week following several inches of snow in the days leading up to Christmas, and now we need a storm to clear it out.

Thankfully, that's knocking on the door today through Saturday. Our inversion will begin to scour out on Friday, but before then - the cold air that's trapped on the valley floor could pose a threat for freezing rain later tonight into tomorrow morning.

Here's a great article detailing the risks and potential of freezing rain in the lower valleys Thursday night and early Friday. Then, there's a chance for on-and-off showers Friday into early Saturday across southwest Idaho.

Up in the mountains, it will be a different story. This next winter storm looks to place a bull's-eye over our West Central and Boise mountains, hinting at the possibility of several inches of fresh snow. While snow levels will be riding a bit high (around 5,000 ft, fluctuating as time goes on), most of our ski areas should see more snow this weekend. (Sun Valley may be an exception).

A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect from 5 p.m. Thursday until 5 p.m. Friday. During that time, here's the breakdown on how much snow could fall in certain areas:

McCall should see 4-6" of snow, while areas in the Boise mountains (Idaho City) should see 2-4". Brundage and Tamarack both could pick up to a foot of fresh snow if this storm zeroes in on their location, while Bogus Basin looks to pick up 3-7" between Thursday and Saturday morning.

Moral of the story: Hardest hit spots could see upwards of 12 inches of fresh powder. It could be a great weekend for skiing, but driving conditions will be slick and dangerous. Happy (almost) New Years!

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