Forecast has changed to include snow!


Yesterday the models were suggesting a dry Christmas Eve and Christmas day. But now, the models are indicating a change that will allow moisture to start moving in from the Pacific Ocean over the next few days! Before you get too excited, please understand, this is the first day that forecast tools are pointing at snow for southwest Idaho. Also, while none of the pending storms look big, at least it’s a turn in the right direction to allow some snow to start accumulating in the mountains.

So here’s how things will begin to play out. A fast moving cold front will bring a chance of snow to the Treasure Valley later in the day Friday. This could carry over into early Saturday morning. If you still have some last minute shopping to do (like me), the weather will dry out by lunch time Saturday! How much snow will we see? Right now it appears that between late Friday and early Saturday, the Treasure Valley could see about 1”. Maybe a little more in some areas. The foothills will see about 2-3”. The ski resorts should see about 3-5” and possibly a little more on the higher elevations.

Here’s the kicker…now it appears another storm will move into the area late Sunday! This is new. This wasn’t in the forecast yesterday. The reason? The high pressure that has been blocking storms is expected to break down, weaken and shift to the southwest. This will put us in a flow that will be more conducive for showers. In other words, this is a juicier pattern for Idaho.

If you have plans on traveling either east or west from the Boise area Friday, the earlier you go the better. By late in the day, snow could slow traffic over some of the passes. If you have plans to travel Saturday, conditions will improve by mid-morning or lunch time. So for now, it looks like we could see a White Christmas in Idaho. Stay tuned.

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