First female grower appointed to Idaho Potato Commission

Mary Hasenoehrl was appointed by Governor Butch Otter to represent 'growers' for the Idaho Potato Commission (KBOI Staff).

For the first time ever the Idaho Potato Commission has welcomed a female grower to their team.

Mary Hasenoehrl was appointed by Governor Butch Otter to represent 'growers' on the board.

"I am just a farmer," said Hasenoehrl. "Agriculture is very important here in Idaho. So, I am very honored to be on the board to represent farmers and producers."

The board is made up of nine people: Five growers, two shippers, and two packers.

There is one other female on the board, Peggy Grover, who represents the shippers.

The Idaho Potato Commission is behind the marketing for Idaho's most popular commodity.

It's no secret Idaho grows great potatoes.

People from around the globe recognize the famous 'Grown in Idaho' seal.

The Idaho Potato Commission is to thank for that.

They come up with creative ways to spread the word that Idaho grows the best potatoes around, like the famous potato truck that travels the nation and the popular Spud Buddy commercials.

"The Idaho Potato Commission has made great improvements in the marketing and branding of Idaho Potatoes," said Hasenoehrl. "You go anywhere in the world and if people know you're from Idaho they'll say 'Oh! Your from the potato state!'"

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