First baby born St. Als on '529 College Savings Day' won $529 scholarship

Baby Esmira (Courtesy: IDeal)

New parents were given a surprise for their newborn baby's future from IDeal on "529 College Savings Day" (5/29) Sunday afternoon.

IDeal awarded the parents a scholarship of $529 to put in a college fund for the baby as a part of their College Savings Program, a statewide and national effort to encourage saving money meant for post-secondary education.

The first baby was born at St. Alphonsus. Daughter of Sevinch, baby Esmira is the first of five lucky families to win.

"When a child is born, families naturally spend a lot of time thinking about their hopes for their child's future, and those dreams often include higher education," said Christine Stoll, the executive director for IDeal. "By setting aside money for a child from day one, families can start to chip away at that important investment in the child's future."

You can find out more about IDeal on the company's website. Information on the Idaho College Savings Program is explained in the document provided:

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