Find yourself in a crash along the Flying Wye? Look for the color codes!

Flying Wye

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Even though the Flying Wye was built more than 50 years ago, road managers say it can be tricky to navigate.

In 1968, when he Connector was first built, it was only expected to see about 30,000 vehicles a day. That number has since quadrupled -- making the interchange important for responders to be familiar with.

Jerry Sevatius, Ada County Dispatch spokesman, says about 10 years ago as more cars started using the Flying Wye road managers and emergency responders came up with a plan many drivers still don't know about.

"I know that before, we would have to figure out which direction the cars were going out there and then dependent upon which direction they were going, we would have to search and find the closest fire department or emergency medical unit and know what direction or where they had to get on," Servatius said.

It's a system that designates certain colors to parts of the connector such as red, green, white, black, orange and green.

"If you don't know where you are at look for one of those signs..'hey, we are in the green 1 section' and then our dispatch (has) a mapping system and then we will have small little color coded maps as well in our cars to help us get to that location faster," said Sgt. Scott Tulleners with Idaho State Police.

The road markers are spread out every 500 feet from Franklin Road to Maple Grove and Cole.

Emergency crews say the system is not something they expect people to memorize, but if you find yourself in a crash on the Connector, be on the lookout for the little markers so crews can find you easier.

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