Idaho City man meets his father for the first time at Boise Airport


A father and son met for the first time in almost a half-century at the Boise Airport on Friday.

48-year-old David Hunden has been looking for his real father for decades and finally got to share a family-style hug unlike any other.

Jimmy Buentello is a retired truck driver from Texas who never knew he had a son.

The two found each other through

After all these decades, both men say they have a lot of catching up to do.

Buentello says at first they were contacting each other through instant messaging, but eventually he just picked up the phone and called Hunden.

"This is the one phone call you don't want to miss.... and it rings and you just answer," Hunden said.

Buentello said that the experience has been an emotional roller coaster.

Both men will be spending Christmas weekend together.

There's also something else quite incredible about this story, they found out that they share the same birthday. It's Monday December 25th, Christmas.

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