'Fate' brings Good Samaritan and Meridian Police officer together again

Nedim Cavcic (far left) and his 5-year-old son Eldin (far right) posing with Officer Mikowski (center right) a month before meeting again under very different circumstances (Photo Courtesy of Nedim Cavcic).

In the midst of Sunday's officer-involved shooting in Boise — fate was at work, according to the man who witnessed it all and even stepped in to help.

Nedim Cavcic had no idea going into that day that he'd be helping save the life of an officer he had just met a few weeks before.

"It was just fate the way it all played out," said Cavcic. "I don't think I did a whole lot. In my mind, I was just there to comfort him. At the end of the day — it is him that is the hero."

About a month prior to the officer-involved shooting, Cavcic and his 5-year-old son Eldin were at Krispy Kreme eating doughnuts when young Eldin had an idea. He asked his dad if they could bring some to police officers because he had seen on YouTube that's what they like to eat.

Eldin hopes to be a police officer one day.

So, the two of them hand delivered a dozen doughnuts to the Meridian Police Department to thank them for their service.

Cavcic said it completely made his son's day — he walked away with a sticker police badge on his police car t-shirt and a huge smile on his face.

Little did Cavcic know this would not be the last time he'd be seeing one of those officers.

Fast forward a few weeks to last Sunday, Cavcic said that's when fate came into play.

He owns a Boise construction company and said he had some work to do at a house in town. At one point, he said he even considered taking the day off, but decided to go work for just a little bit.

As he was waiting for adhesive to dry in the kitchen, he said he decided to take a quick break. He stepped outside and right away heard yelling in the distance.

Cavcic said the yelling got closer and closer and before he knew it, a man came running around the corner of the house with an officer soon to follow.

He said he heard the officer warn the man that he was about to Taze him and then it all escalated right before his eyes.

"I cannot describe how quickly that guy pulled out his gun and started shooting at the officer," said Cavcic.

Cavcic said he saw the officer had been shot in the legs, but without hesitation the officer fired back.

"The moment I noticed the suspect go down, I ran up to the officer and just tried to see what he needed me to do," he said.

Seconds felt like hours as they waited for help to arrived, according to Cavcic, but he said the officer remained calm through it all.

"You know, people keep telling me I am the hero of the day and I don't think that at all," he said. "In the heat of the moment, the officer was so clear headed and still concerned about my safety. Honestly that makes him the hero."

It wasn't until paramedics arrived that Cavcic said he realized who the officer was that he had just been helping.

"We loaded him up on the stretcher, he was still holding my hand and I told him 'you will be alright, brother. The medics are here. Help is here.' That's when I glanced at his name tag. At first, it just kind of caught me off guard because it looked really familiar. They moved his sunglasses for a second and that was the first time I was really able to get a glance at his face. I just thought to myself, 'there is absolutely no way this is the same officer my son and I met just a month ago."

Sure enough, it was Officer Kyle Mikowski, one of the officers they had delivered the doughnuts to.

Over the next few days after the officer-involved shooting, Cavcic said he kept replaying in his mind what happened.

"Going through a lot of 'what ifs' — one of those 'what ifs' was what if I did turn my back and hide? That's one 'what if' I am glad I will never know the answer to."

Officer Mikowski s now recovering at home, according to Meridian Police.

Cavcic said one day, if and when Officer Mikowski is ready, he would love to be able to see him again.

In the meantime, Cavcic said he hasn't told his son the story, just yet. He said that five-year-olds ask a lot of tough questions and he doesn't know if he himself is quite ready to answer all of them.

But, one day, he said he will tell his son all about the day he helped save his hero.

More info on the suspect involved in the shooting here.

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