Farming in the heat: How temperatures are influencing Idaho's crops

Hot temperatures are influencing Idaho’s crops.

Hot temperatures are influencing Idaho’s crops.

The long list of hot summer days has made it hard for sensitive crops to fully mature in some cases.

Most farmers have had a hard time keeping crops wet with the above average temperatures.

So far this summer, we've had 11 days of 100 degree temperatures and a run of 39 days with high temperatures in the 90's.

Farmers are lucky this year having ample water to keep up with the demand.

Even with enough water, some crops are still struggling, crops like sugar beets, onions, and beans.

"Another crop that we're having some issues with is our bean fields, just keeping the blooms from falling off because it's getting too hot, and so we're trying to keep that water going on them because that's another crop that's sensitive to the heat" said Neil Durrant, Owner of Big D. Ranch.

A greenhouse farmer said the heat has made it hard for new starts to grow in his greenhouses, the temperatures inside have been so hot that the new plants are drying up.

The hot temperatures aren't bad on all crops.

In fact, Spring wheat has done well, the heat has helped those crops mature faster.

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