Farmer stops to pay tribute to national anthem at Vallivue soccer game

Brent Mai stops working in his hay field Tuesday to pay tribute to the flag during the national anthem during a girls high school soccer game at Vallivue High School. The game between Middleton and Vallivue began with a tribute to 9/11. (Photo courtesy Wendy Boyer)

Brent Mai was working in his field as any farmer does when he noticed a familiar sound -- the Star Spangled Banner.

During that time, Vallivue Varsity Soccer was playing Middleton on Sep. 11 when they began the game with a 9/11 tribute and national anthem.

At that time Mai was planting hay in the nearby field and got out of his tractor to check seed levels in the planter.

He couldn’t hear the PA system and didn’t know exactly what was going on but he says he recognized the song right away. He says he took off his hat and stood facing the flag out of respect for the American flag.

Wendy Boyer, a mother on the Vallivue girls soccer team, posted the picture online and says the picture went viral overnight with over 2000 shares.

On Oct. 2, the girls team plans on doing a tribute to the farmer during their game at Vallivue.

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