Extreme temperature differences this New Year's Eve


How do our temperatures compare to those around the country on this New Year's Eve? Well, it's certainly cold here in Boise with temperatures expected to dip into the low 20's overnight, around the country they're much colder in some locations. Bismark, ND, for example, was sitting at 16 degrees below zero at 8:15 pm MST with wind chill temperatures of 31 degrees below zero. Many cities around the Great Lakes are in the single digits or below zero as well. So, when you think about it, 20 degrees here in Idaho isn't too bad, right?

If you look at the wind chill differences across the country, the largest contrast in temperatures on our map is Bismark, ND and Miami, FL. The 'feels like' temperature difference is a whopping 96 degrees, the actual temperature difference was 81 degrees. For Boise, we 'feel' 49 degrees warmer than Bismark, ND, but if you've spent time outdoors this evening you have felt the bite in the air.

Temperatures across the upper Midwest will remain very cold into the new year. Our temperatures here in Idaho are expected to decline as we're heading into another inversion period. Highs will likely remain in the upper 20's through much of this week. More on the forecast here.

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