Edgewater residents a bit on edge after last Fourth's fire

Last Fourth of July, a fire started by fireworks damaged several apartments at the Edgewater complex. Neighbors say the incident brought them closer together. (KBOI photo)

Residents of the Edgewater apartments certainly hope lightning doesn't strike twice: more specifically fireworks.

That's what damaged several apartments here last Fourth of July.

The fire damaged several apartments in this comfortable complex which is nestled by a lovely lake off State Street.

The damage included the upstairs apartment where Denise Doty Mink lived.

"I got a lot of soot and smoke damage," she said. "And so I was displaced for about two months."

Her dog Winston almost became a casualty.

"Winston was not able to get out," Denise says. "We thought he was out. But poor thing, he was in there for about three hours hiding in the back closet."

Firefighters rescued the pooch who Denise expects will be skittish around fireworks this year.

And she admits she'll be little apprehensive herself.

"I am a little nervous," she laughs. " I am. I'm going to personally keep an eye out to make sure there aren't any kids running around with fireworks."

This year, Denise and other Edgewater residents plan to celebrate both the Fourth of July and the fact that everybody came through safe after last year's scare.

"What happened last year brought all of us together," Denise said. "To be closer, better neighbors. To make sure we know who is supposed to be where and what animals they have, to be able to get everybody out in case it happens again, hopefully not."

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